6 Intelligent Automation Examples & Why They Work in Customer Experience

The digital era has seen the rise of automation from an after-thought to a total must-have for all businesses. In fact, it has now become a strategic business enabler due to its proven ability to accelerate growth and maximize market opportunities.

As the world closed down due to the pandemic, customer preferences naturally evolved, contributing to the increased automation uptake over the last couple of years. Speed, convenience, and customer experience HAD to change almost overnight, and thanks to automation, they could.

In this post, we’re going to share:

  • What IA (Intelligent Automation) is
  • 6 examples of how IA can improve Customer Experience
  • Tips for adapting IA benefit your organisation

So, let’s start with a little IA 101.

Intelligent automation combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision and robotic process automation to create automated workflows that not only think but will also learn and adapt to changes. IA steps in to free people from laborious tasks like processing paperwork and other transactional work that is not only boring but open to human error simply because it is so repetitive.

The secret to getting things right in automation is determining ideal processes to automate. Here are a few tell-tale signs that a process requires automation as soon as possible:

  • The process involves tedious work and hinders the capacity to concentrate on more valuable projects. 
  • It entails the heavy application of mouse clicks and screens. 
  • It involves routine work that must be handled by more than one worker. 
  • It utilizes digitally-available data. 

The one key differentiator that can make your business stand out from the crowd is the customer experience you provide. Luckily, there are ways that intelligent automation (IA) can help boost CX, helping companies gain new customers and retain existing ones. Here we look at the 6 primary benefits of automating your customer experience journeys to maximise ROI, bringing significant financial benefits.

Automating Customer Experience

#1: Meet the Needs of your customers wherever they are

The geographic location of your customer is no longer a barrier to giving them a memorable customer experience, their expectation is that you can offer them a seamless experience regardless of how they engage with you. But, for many customers, making a service request via chat, email, or web form, and then following up through a phone call, is frustrating as they have to keep repeating all of their concerns and issues.

Organizations that embrace omnichannel automation understand that customers regularly switch between support channels. By offering integrated IA tools across all of the different touchpoints, requests and records can be updated in real-time, improving the overall service levels experienced by the customer.

#2: Automation Improves Customer Relationships by providing Greater personalization

With over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being generated daily, companies need to understand how to filter through all of the noise so that they can provide their customers with a unique experience.

Automated data analytics tools can be used to determine patterns to better understand not only what people are interested in, but what they might be interested in next. This has been used extremely successfully at Netflix, where the algorithm is used to create personalized viewing recommendations.

But IA can help with more than just the curation of customized content. Gathering client feedback is a very useful means of understanding what is working and what needs to be adjusted within any business. Consumers are constantly looking for innovative products and services that better meet their demands. Using IA, this information can be translated into actionable insights that companies can use to improve both their services and the delivery of those services.

#3: Automation Minimizes Conflict with Customers

Customers who feel that they are not understood can be a threat to your brand and your reputation. A critical mediation you can take in this regard is to build applications that can analyze data about them and their expectations. Listen to their feedback. And finally, use this data to constantly drive experience improvements and innovation in products and services: to better understand your prospects and clients.

#4: Automation Delivers Quality and Consistency

Today, good CX means consistency across channels — websites, SMS, chatbots, social media, customer service center interactions and more. Automation helps by simplifying and streamlining processes that have a direct impact on how customers interact with and experience a brand. It can also unlock the potential of an organization to enhance CX across channels.

#5: Enables Faster response times

Customers want speed! And have grown used to accessing “digital-first” experiences in order to achieve it. Businesses will be forced to adopt a digital-first mindset in order to continuously raise the bar to deliver to this ‘want it now’ customer culture.

One way to achieve this is by identifying and documenting the current end-to-end processes involved with your client interactions and then redesigning these processes to incorporate automation to ease and broaden client interactions while decreasing MTTR.

#6: Increased ability to scale

Businesses that implement customer experience automation expect to double their revenue in 2022

according to ActiveCampaign’s 2022 Customer Experience Automation Impact Study. As your business grows, it gets harder and harder to individually serve each customer with the level of 1:1 focus they’ve become accustomed to. Customer experience automation is the solution that helps growing businesses save time and resources by automating hyper-personalized interactions.


With customer expectations at an all-time high, automation is an essential component for business success. Not only does it help businesses understand customers faster and at a deeper level, but it also helps them respond to customer concerns and issues rapidly, while driving meaningful engagements across the entire customer journey. In the long run, automation will help result in better business outcomes by enabling consistent, cost-efficient ways of connecting with customers and delivering the great CX they demand.

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