It’s only Tuesday, and already I’ve seen three interesting headlines – in a week when the world seems to have been pre-occupied a short film about two Great British icons sharing marmalade sandwiches during a tea party!

The first headline that hit me was Elon Musk reportedly telling employees of Tesla that they MUST return to the office for a minimum of 40 hours a week or go and “pretend to work somewhere else.”

Hybrid Work vs The Great Resignation

The second was a report that over 3,000 employees at 70 UK companies are starting a 6-month pilot of the 4 Day Week. The UK is not the first country to try this, they are following Iceland, Japan and the UAE who are all either trialing, or have adopted, shorter or variable working hours.

The third and last headline to grab my attention this week is that “The Great Resignation Wave” is also hitting SA. In 2021, resignations hit a record high of 36% of all terminations, and more money is no longer the primary reason for leaving a job.

What is the correlation here? How can companies retain their staff in 2022? Is Hybrid Work the answer?

Hybrid work allows each employee to design their own work experience around their own unique needs, whether that be working from home, a coffee shop or from the office. Or even to accommodate their desire to “escape” the city-based rat race and “semigrate” to the beach or the bush!

The idea of a job for life that existed in the 60’s & 70’s is, quite frankly as obsolete at the Betamax recorder (launched this day – 7 June in 1975). So, is employee/employer loyalty also a thing of the past? I don’t think so. I believe, along with 54% of respondents to a PwC survey that flexibility is the key to retaining talent.

The basis of a flexible contract should be the 100:80:100 principle – 100% pay for 80% of the time AND a commitment to maintaining 100% productivity. The alternative is that employers will need to look for ways to make the return to the office worth the commute. Surely, empowering me (the employee) to determine when I do my work as opposed to where is a far better solution for everyone?

The rise and rise of collaboration applications bears testimony to the fact that most employers are NOT taking the autocratic route followed by Mr. Musk, rather they are creating flexible working solutions that enable a far better work/life balance than we have ever had in the past.

And apparently even one of those Great British icons has adapted to remote working with the speed and agility of people half her age – and less!

The Queen On A Video Conference

Disclaimer: I semigrated to the bush in 2019 – before it was the in-thing to do – and have worked remotely since then.

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