There are many misunderstandings or as we at NIL like to say “myths” in the world of technology. As something new comes along there are many people with inaccurate facts that misinterpret the goal, vision or purpose for the new tech. This leads to many people feeling uncomfortable or uneasy about the route we are heading down. When it comes to data centre and cloud technology, we hear some great myths. Let’s bust these myths wide open and give you the info that you need.

Three Myths About Data Centre And Cloud Technologies

MYTH #1: I’ll be out of a job If we shift technologies.

It’s a fear that gives many IT workers nightmares: the fear that you will lose your job if your organisation moves to the cloud.

FACT #1: Extending IT operations to the cloud will accelerate the building of next generation digital experiences.

IT architectures must be reinvented for the realities of this next-generation digital world. According to a 2018 World Economic Forum report, while up 75 million job losses will occur, the move to new technologies will add 133 million jobs. This means a nett gain of 58 million jobs across all business sectors.

The pandemic that spread around the globe in the early days of 2020 has hugely affected how businesses operate, forcing many to evolve and reshape how they do business, leading to the question:

“Who is responsible for innovation in a company?”

As with all change, FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) is a real experience for many, however, it is more likely that your responsibilities will change and you could be reassigned to more strategic work. As a data centre technician you might even choose to skill up to obtain a cloud position.

In a world where projects can be coordinated globally, there are also opportunities to join a multi-national team.

MYTH #2: The cloud will make the IT team obsolete

FACT #2: A business does not need to eliminate or reduce IT staff just because it moves operations into the cloud.

Many of the changes businesses are implementing today have been evident in the digital business world for a while: this is not so much a re-invention of how business teams work, but rather an acceleration of certain trends.

  • 80% of customer interactions are now digital in nature
  • 500-million new apps will be written in the next 3 years
  • 75% of people using digital channels for the first time during the pandemic say they will continue using them when things return to “normal”

So, what can be delivered digitally, must be delivered digitally.

Apps are just the front door to an evolving digital experience, and in order to constantly improve and enhance these experiences the IT teams need to see more to solve more.

And this will lead to even more NEW ROLES that will bring together application management, security, and networking to provide an overall vision of the health of the customer experience:

  • Digital Experience Monitoring
  • Hybrid Application Monitoring
  • Application Resource Optimization
  • Application Security

MYTH #3: Once we move to the cloud, we’re done.

FACT #3: The cloud is an all-or-nothing scenario

The cloud is incredibly flexible, one size does not fit all when it comes to a business’s unique needs. Scalable hybrid cloud models allow organizations to see immediate benefits as they adapt and migrate remaining operations over time.

Cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure™ and Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer granular controls, but if organizations don’t manage these controls properly, they will be opening themselves up to risk.

The IT team also can use tools that are available only in the cloud, allowing access to new analytics and information, employees will be empowered to think about their jobs in a more strategic manner such as improving the company’s products, services, or processes.

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