Malware’s goal is to penetrate a system and avoid detection. It usually has a specific objective of financial gain. Threats can take the form of software viruses and other malware such as ransomware, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, and fileless malware.

Types of Malware
Types of Malware

How does malware work?

Once has infected a computer system it can replicate and insert itself into other programs or files, infecting them in the process. It can even lay dormant for a time. It can also attempt to fool security software into thinking that it is not malware.

To understand malware, watch this video by Kaspersky titled Malware: Difference Between Computer Viruses, Worms and Trojans.

Why is malware protection important?

The damage from a malware attack can range from losing a single endpoint to incapacitating an entire IT infrastructure, causing potential damage to both your reputation and your revenue. Anti-malware is specifically designed to help organizations prevent such attacks.

Anti-malware vs anti-virus

Anti-virus software relies upon detecting the signature of a virus to prevent damage. But most malware authors stay a step ahead of such software by writing metamorphic viruses which can modify themselves so as to not match virus signatures in the anti-virus database.

Anti-malware can block known malware exploits as it is not solely dependent on signatures but rather continuously monitors all file activity. Using machine learning models, and other forms of artificial intelligence to identify patterns that match known malware characteristics results in faster detection of new threats. So, unlike anti-virus software, anti-malware solutions can contain threats at the first sign of malicious behaviour.

As cyberattacks become more prevalent and clever in nature, anti-malware focuses on new threats, while anti-virus keeps you protected against attacks from worms and phishing.  This doesn’t limit the need for antivirus protection, as the two complement each other, with anti-malware designed to supplement anti-virus protection as the cyber threat landscape becomes more sophisticated. With both programs running simultaneously, plus safe web browsing habits, you’ll be as protected as possible against threats attempting to infiltrate your device.

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