Cisco DevNet courses are designed for network engineers and software developers that want to automate their networks. Engineers will learn about different Cisco products such as Cisco Meraki, Cisco SD-WAN, and Cisco DNA Centre. Courses expand the knowledge of software development process; from designing applications to deploying applications in production environments using tools such as Python, Ansible, GIT, Docker, …

Delivered by NIL’s active consulting engineers, the courses will equip you with expertise to successfully design, deploy, support, and troubleshoot DevNet solutions. As part of NIL’s engineering team, the instructors have been helping to build and support networks for some of the largest global corporations for more than two decades; lots of them have attained the respected CCIE certification. Their rich knowledge and experience enable students to benefit from real world examples and expertise, and extend the standard Cisco training outlines, which means that they are one of the strongest DevNet instructor teams on the market.

Being a DevNet Associate shows the world that you have achieved a strong understanding of software development and design, and that you understand application development for security, infrastructure and automation.

As software and the network grow more and more interconnected, Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist certifications allow you to validate your software development skills in key, emerging focus areas.

Each DevNet Specialist certification connects development, operations, security, and network operations, in environments focused on continuous delivery of applications and services using Cisco platforms and devices.

The certification process couldn’t be simpler: for each certification, just pass one exam and you’re certified. And with Cisco training courses to support every exam, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist certifications give you incremental recognition as you work toward other certifications. And they let you align your certifications to your unique needs: your job role, your interests, and ultimately, your career.

Choose your focus areas from these options:

  • ENAUI: Automating and Programming Cisco Enterprise Solutions
  • SAUI: Automating and Programming Cisco Security Solutions
  • SPAUI: Automating and Programming Cisco Service Provider Solutions
  • CLAUI: Automating and Programming Cisco Collaboration Solutions
  • DCAUI: Automating and Programming Cisco Data Centre Solutions
  • DEVCOR: Developing Applications using Cisco Core Platforms and APIs
  • DEVOPS: Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices Using Cisco Platforms
  • DEVIOT: Developing Solutions Using Cisco IoT and Edge Platforms
  • DEVWBX: Developing Applications for Cisco Webex and Webex Devices

To earn DevNet Professional, you pass two exams, a core exam and a software developer concentration exam of your choice. And now every exam in the DevNet Professional program earns an individual Specialist certification, so you get recognized for your accomplishments along the way.

The core exam focuses on your knowledge of software development and design including using APIs, Cisco platforms, application deployment and security, and infrastructure and automation. The core exam earns a specialist certification, so you get recognized for your accomplishments along the way.

Concentration exams focus on emerging and industry-specific topics – these are the DevNet Specialist courses outlined above.

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