Internet of Things

Organizations are digitizing and using IoT to solve business problems, reduce costs, and grow their business.  Equipment builders, industrial control system vendors and integrators are no different. They are connecting and digitizing their products to enable new business models and revenue streams. But it’s not always a simple. Every IoT integration is different causing complexity that leads to long lead times, cost overruns and frustrated customers.

Embedded or integrating industrial networking technology into products and solutions is not easy or fast.  Every customer has different needs driving an unlimited number of use cases and an unlimited number of variables. Deciding which product to use and how to configure and deploy can be overwhelming – especially as experts are few and far between.  Standardized approaches, historical knowledge and help with go-to-market and support are not available for most deployments.  Cost overruns, long lead times and frustrated customers are the norm.  And worse, the complexity impacts revenue and profitability.

Our IoT training will help you to define a replicable business case to enable you to facilitate IoT implementation across varying sectors.

Internet of Things

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